29 October 2014

Safe in Sound (EDM) Festival


On October 18, 2014 the Safe in Sound Festival was held at the Hollywood Palladium. It featured the

largest Dubstep DJ’s alive: Flux Pavilion, Adventure Club, Destroid, Caked Up, and Terravita. I had the

opportunity to photograph Caked Up during their set. Caked Up rose through the ranks as a professional

DJ by taking samples from trending Vine and YouTube videos and mixing it into their own house/trap/

dance music. I believe this led them to become the success they are today. So be on the look-out for

Caked Up as they make their ascent to become one of the greatest DJ acts.

Shooting from backstage I got to see firsthand how they made the sea of people go absolutely crazy.

They rattled the stage like an earthquake! It was like nothing I have ever experienced. I could not help

myself from dancing uncontrollably while simultaneously shooting pictures.

I used to think that DJs just pressed the play button on their Macbooks and the show happened. After

watching Caked Up changing the high pass filters, reverb, volumes, lining up the next song, and still

having enough time to ramp up the crowd and spray them with a snow gun, my paradigm of DJs has

completely shifted. If you have been reluctant to go to an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) event, I hope

this article, along with the pictures, persuade you to buy your first ticket into clouds of ecstasy.

CHECK OUT my Instagram @ChristianBPhotos for more behind the scenes pictures of the show!


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