A photographer provides perception beyond ordinary sight

Story by Madison Gallegos  Arts Editor, Photos by William Odis Martin   The Artist Himself

He is a journalism student at California State University, Long Beach, the Athletics Editor at Long Beach Union Weekly, founder and operator of Third Eye Visions Photography, and, most importantly, a visionary. He is William Odis Martin. 

Raised by his mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, he knew from the beginning he wanted to be a photographer. 

“I always composed pictures in my mind before I ever realized that was what I was doing,” Martin said. 

Now he’s been taking photos for five years, and as you can see, he’s gotten pretty damn good at it. Martin develops and processes his own film, and has even developed his own brand, Third Eye Visions. 

His passion lies in black and white photography, and it shows throughout his work. Martin prefers to shoot women and sports as his primary subjects because those are the things he truly cares about. Women have played a crucial role in his life and sports pay homage to his competitive side. He bares his heart and soul into his photos. 

He believes that everyone is beautiful from the right angle and strives to capture that. As a result, he refuses to conform to Western ideals of women by editing out what others may think of as imperfections. 

“I will not contribute to the warped and perverted ideals of human form,” he said, an idea that separates him from the majority of mainstream artists. 

Part of the reason Martin’s photos are so amazing is because they are completely raw and uninhibited. 

“I usually try to minimize my direction,” he said. But that’s easier said than done. 

Over the years he’s had to teach himself to open up to his surroundings and be more  aware of the world around him. He’s always looking at people and places while searching for the perfect shot. 

“Everything inspires me,” he said, only attesting to how receptive he is. He fully lends himself to his surroundings—truly the mark of a remarkable artist. 

He hopes to travel around the world with his camera one day and be featured in galleries all around the world. And looking at these pictures, I have no doubt he’ll make it. 

To check out more of his work or to send a shout-out, you can reach him through his Instagram, @3ev_la. You don’t want to miss seeing these photos. You won’t be disappointed. 


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