Why it’ll be a while before a football team is good.

Matthew Gozzip  Staff Writer

Creating a football program from the ashes is as ambitious as it gets in college sports. If LBSU were to field a football team, it could take years before the team would be relevant.  Football takes an incredible N and continual development before tangible results can be recognized.  In a game of violence and destruction, there must be a dedication to delicate planning and building to create a successful program.

Two of the most promising teams in the highest division of college football are some of the youngest ones too. Georgia State, a school suffocated in metropolitan Atlanta, began in its football program in 2010 with nothing but an aggressive, old school minded coach and a couple of players transferred from big time programs and junior colleges. The team endured through a record of 11-46 but was able to move to the highest division of football in three years and even made a bowl game after posting a 6-7 mark with minimal resources. The University of Texas at San Antonio has performed even better than GSU and in shorter amount of time. The program had its inaugural season in 2011 but was reclassified to the highest division after one year. From there, the UTSA Roadrunners have recorded a 26-32 record and gained national attention in playing major powerhouses competitively. LBSU can follow a similar structure that UTSA and GSU followed by starting off at a lower division with more realistic expectations. 

For a more direct reference on a guide to resurrecting a football team, look no further than the University of Alabama Birmingham’s reclamation project. The UAB football program has found new life after a year hiatus, during which it was discontinued due to budget cuts and reported losses. The main reason why the program has recovered was not so much by restructuring but based on financial analysis. According to Five Thirty Eight, a website that specializes in statistics, the program was misled by bias and faulty financial consulting. A football program can exist with enough outward support and with thorough understanding of the value of a program. Taking into account scholarship value and media revenue are just some more intricate components that get overlooked by analysts that aren’t well versed in football finances.  UAB has half the amount of students that LBSU has and only slightly higher tuition fees. Following a similar analytical model and focusing on more diligent research of program expenses and revenue can make a LBSU football team a reality once more.


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