The Mexican Mocha accompanied with a heart design (Amanda Dominguez-Chio/Union Weekly)

A coffee shop that is perfect to study in

By Amanda Dominguez-Chio Culture Editor

One of my favorite things to do in Long Beach is explore coffee shops. My friends have been to several, and a few days ago we decided to visit Viento y Agua. When we arrived, the place was bustling with activity, which made it difficult to find a good place to sit near an outlet. Fortunately for us, a lady that had ordered in front of me was sitting at a table with an outlet nearby, so the moment she rose to get her drink, my roommate commandeered the table (sorry, lady but not really). 

My roommate and I ordered the Mexican Mocha, which was delicious. For those of you who do not know what a Mexican Mocha is, it’s basically a mocha with cinnamon. I tried a Mexican Mocha at a different coffee shop but I was left dissatisfied, especially when I finished the drink and I could taste specks of powder. The Mexican Mocha at Viento y Agua was different. It had the right amount of cinnamon: enough to taste it but not overpower the drink. When my roommate’s Mexican Mocha arrived, her drink looked more aesthetically-pleasing since hers had a better heart design, lightly sprinkled with cinnamon. 

The staff was nice and friendly. One of the cool features that makes Viento y Agua stand out is when you’re ordering your drink, the staff asks what kind of milk you want. Usually the coffee shops I have been to don’t ask you for your milk preference, so you have to tell the staff yourself. 

If you do plan to visit Viento y Agua, be sure to arrive early because the seats fill up. The play live music on the weekends and it’s a great place to study. Its mellow ambiance prevented me from getting too distracted from my work. This place played good music, nothing loud or discordant but soothing and harmonious (The Smiths, Mazzy Star, and The Shins, just to give you a better idea). The brick walls are adorn with eclectic art, including a picture of a sugar skull that hangs near the register. Viento y Agua provided me with a memorable and productive day of studying and I look forward to coming back. 


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