The chorizo with egg and asada tacos from Tacos Tu Madre 

A comparison of two nearby taco shops

By Amanda Dominguez-Chio   Culture Editor

When I first moved to Long Beach, I was saddened to realize there are no “legit” taco shops here. Sure, there is Hole Mole, just a few blocks off of campus, but the tacos do not satisfy. 

So a few months ago, on one of our many Downtown L.A. outings, my roommate suggested we eat lunch at Guisados. That day was especially memorable because we had spent that morning at the Getty museum for Free Museum Day. Due to a detour, we spent an hour in traffic and were all angry and starving. After surviving the road rage, we walked the few blocks to Guisados. 

The taco plate from Guisados

The place was packed, but we were quickly attended by a chatty and cheerful server. We all ordered a sampler and eagerly waited for the arrival of our glorious meal. We each received six street tacos but different options. For my sampler, I got mole poblano, bistek en salsa roja, cochinita pibil, chicharron, and two I can’t remember for the life of me. 

The tortillas were soft, handmade and delicious. My favorite out of the sampler was the chicharron, while my least favorite is probably the mole poblano because I am not a huge fan of sweat meet. It was still delicious but not my favorite. For those of you who do not know, chicharron is Spanish for pork rinds and it was superb.

Just last weekend, my friends and I explored L.A. and had dinner at Tacos Tu Madre — honestly, the name sounds more like an insult to your mom — and left feeling underwhelmed. For starters, we waited close to 30 minutes to eat. At another table, we watched in horror and anger as the server kept getting their order wrong. To make matters worse, I was served last…again! I ordered two tacos with chorizo and egg, one ahi tuna taco, and one taco asada. 

The Ahi Tuna from Tacos Tu Madre (Bottom) (Amanda Domiguez-Chio/Union Weekly)

The ahi tuna was way too salty and the taco asada had an odd dressing. My friends think it was chipotle mayo and it didn’t complement the taco at all. The tacos with chorizo and egg were my favorite. While the tortillas at Guisados were soft, the tortillas at Tacos Tu Madre were tough. 

To sum up, I recommend Guisados. I do not recommend Tacos Tu Madre. My roommate and I still lament how Tacos Tu Madre, a place we’ve been planning to dine for weeks, disappointed us. Never again.


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