Thought bubbles of ideologies interpreted

Story by Jack Villalba   Lifestyle Editor 

I admire and repsect other people who don’t think or live like me. I live with my own thoughts all day. I think they get a little stale so hearing somebody who thinks differently is a party for me. The only time I ever have a problem is when people force their ideologies onto me. It’s one thing to speak, embrace, or love your ideologies, but please do not force it onto me. It’s like brain rape. No means no.

I was talking to a person who is a tree hugger like me. He took his environmental stance on diets while I take mine on cosmetics and everyday better alternatives. He first started to talk about the down sides of pro-meat diet which was interesting. But then that bastard turned around and said, “If you really loved animals, you would quit meat.” Whoa, there sir. That escalated quite quickly and you should slow down before I throw a cow in your path to really make you swerve into the slow lane. Good for you for being a vegan—round of applause—but don’t shame me for living my eco-friendly life that’s not your way. 

If you really want to talk about saving animals, then ditch that body wash that contains plastic microbeads that pollute our waters. These little “friendly”  microbeads absorb chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, that are harmful to animals in many different ways. Marine animals eat them by accident or confuse them with fish eggs.  That’s how animals die! So don’t come over to me forcing your ways onto me when they aren’t that perfect. Go eat some berries! 

How about those people who preach on campus about the Bible? Cool, you believe in what you believe in, but please do not wave a big-ass sign around telling me, “Gay people are going to hell.” I’m sorry, but I have a chemistry lecture to worry about and the last thing I need is someone else giving me a lecture on something I don’t care for. And if that is the case, then throw lighter fluid on my  body, baby, because I will happily march alongside anybody who is gay, lesbian, transgender, or anything they idenfity as, as long as they are a good person and would save a puppy from a burning building. 

How about when  people force their idea of what “good music” is? Good for you that you like songs that go, “Titty, titty, ass, ass, drink some Hennessy, make it rain, titty titty.” I dont judge (aloud), but please do not force it onto me. I perfer my alternative music like The Neighbourhood that doesn’t increase teen pregancy.  “Listen to this song,” she said as we drove in her car. “It’s better than the stuff you listen to.” First of all, you make me listen to your music without consideration of what I like, then you insult my taste in music? If I’d known this would happen, we would have taken my car and you could have sat in the backseat listening to Sweater Weather until your eardrums bleed. But because I’m nice, that didn’t happen.

Long story short, don’t force your ideologies onto other people. It’s cool to talk about, but not to try and convert other people. If you like doing that, go join a cult. 


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