Cute Pinterest-y ways that can save the day this winter

Story and photos by Sylvana Uribe   Staff Writer

Pine Cone Centerpieces

Rather than fool myself into a regrettable trip to the crafts store where I’ll spend more than I should, I instead stroll through the park and collect pine cones. The confused stares from families feeding ducks at the pond are worth the money I save every time I place another pine cone in my tattered grocery bag. 

I give the pine cones a quick rinse for safe measure and arrange a few into cylindrical glass vases. By playing around with different sizes, I eventually create Pinterest-worthy centerpieces. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

To even add a little more some lovely fake holiday flowers light placed around them amps up the “fancy” factor.

Avoiding headaches over holiday party planning is a high priority as I tackle on the season. A crucial part of that is to simplify the planning process and cut costs whenever possible. With regards to decor, my go-to items that satisfy my holiday DIY needs are twine and pine cones. Both items are inexpensive and fool people into thinking I’ve adopted a rustic vibe. OK, sure. Totally meant to do that.

Not only does it look rustic, it makes it appear that I’ve put in more time and money than intended.

Glass Jars

The simplest way I like to use twine is by converting glass jars into utensil holders. I create two layers of twine around the top of a glass jar and finish by tucking the end of the string in between the layers. The twine jars would also work well as flower vases, which are definitely more appealing than an array of plastic forks and spoons. 

It’s not just twine that gives it that slight glimmer, it’s the glass itself. Glass can be purchased at an array of different places. Even Dollar Tree has some good finds that you can always decorate. Whether it’s twine, a light glitter spray, or even the glass itself, these items can spark up any holiday decorations.


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