ASI hosts semesterly club marketing event

ASI-approved extracurricular organizations came out to market themselves and recruit members across both days of the event. Students walked through corridors of tables, canopies, and representatives ranging from student media to greek organizations (Karrie Comfort/ASI)

By Karrie Comfort   Contributor 

Clubs lined up for Week of Welcome on Wednesday, Jan. 27, and Thursday, Jan. 28. Entering the club fair was a little like plunging into a maze, with clubs lined along on nearly every sidewalk area that stretched across the main quad on upper campus. 

Unlike previous years, clubs had to register two weeks before the actual event to reserve a table for their club.

The day started for club organizers long before 11 a.m. As early as 9 a.m., program volunteers were out setting up tables for the event, and then clubs began checking into their tables at 10am.

“It’s such a great event I wish it was all day,” said Dale Lendrum, representing the College of Liberal Arts Student Council.

Free swag floated around the event, with every club trying to attract people to their table.

“We tend to go with a Hawaiian Luau theme,” Lendrum said. He felt the best way to attract students was with a good balance of literature and energetic personalities to engage with prospective members.

Other clubs seemed to have another strategy: entertain. The salsa club table was bumping loud Latin music, while dancing and handing out fliers with each spin.

“My favorite part is watching people watch my club members dance,” said Salsa Club President Micahla Le Dasma. “I see a sense of awe in their faces... they are the most open to taking a chance.”

With so many different clubs in the mix, the organizations ran the gamut, however they were all united by one thing: a unique passion for their cause and a desire to share that with their fellow students.



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