CBTV announces upcoming auditions

By Liz Campos   Staff Writer 

On Thursday, Jan. 28, College Beat TV had its first general meeting of the semester at the Farber Senate Chambers where they announced their upcoming College Beat TV Talent Auditions.

College Beat TV offers a variety of shows as well as reporting, hosting, directing and writing opportunities. Shows such as Beach Access, The Fiction Show, and Late Night Long Beach are looking for anchors, reporters, announcers, correspondents and hosts. 

Chief Executive Producer Nicole Ilagan, who has been part of College Beat TV since her freshman year, encourages getting involved on campus. “We’re hoping for a big turnout,” Ilagan said. “There’s a lot of talent here in CSULB, we just want to make sure we highlight it!”

College Beat TV members and producers also announced upcoming new shows such as the politically-oriented “And we vote!” as well as the short film production “Over my two shoulders.”

Audition materials will be provided the day of auditions, set to take place on Tuesday, Feb. 2, and Wednesday, Feb. 3, in the USU  203 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Participants are advised to dress to impress and to be calm and confident.




Computers stolen from LGBT Resource Center

By Katie Cortez Editor-In-Chief

While California State University, Long Beach students were roaming the central quad for Week of Welcome on Thursday, Jan. 28, LGBT Graduate Student Assistant Alejandro Muro was reporting three allegedly stolen Mac computers to campus police. 

Student Francisco Ibarra first noticed that the computers were missing from the LGBT Resource Center in FO4 165 sometime between 8:45-9 a.m. and immediately contacted Brandon Ha, the LGBT Resource Center Assistant. 

“We’re so inclusive that we don’t really probe out people,” said Ha, 18, a Biochemistry major. “It’s hard to distinguish who’s suspicious and who’s not.” 

The campus police were notified at about noon that afternoon, because Muro and other members of the center didn’t want to jump to conclusions about the alleged theft. Many people use the center and members didn’t want to believe someone would steal their computers. “There was always a blanket of security that we had, but now it’s gone, ” Ha said. 

If you have any information, please contact campus police at (562) 985-4101. 





ASI hosts semesterly club marketing event

ASI-approved extracurricular organizations came out to market themselves and recruit members across both days of the event. Students walked through corridors of tables, canopies, and representatives ranging from student media to greek organizations (Karrie Comfort/ASI)

By Karrie Comfort   Contributor 

Clubs lined up for Week of Welcome on Wednesday, Jan. 27, and Thursday, Jan. 28. Entering the club fair was a little like plunging into a maze, with clubs lined along on nearly every sidewalk area that stretched across the main quad on upper campus. 

Unlike previous years, clubs had to register two weeks before the actual event to reserve a table for their club.

The day started for club organizers long before 11 a.m. As early as 9 a.m., program volunteers were out setting up tables for the event, and then clubs began checking into their tables at 10am.

“It’s such a great event I wish it was all day,” said Dale Lendrum, representing the College of Liberal Arts Student Council.

Free swag floated around the event, with every club trying to attract people to their table.

“We tend to go with a Hawaiian Luau theme,” Lendrum said. He felt the best way to attract students was with a good balance of literature and energetic personalities to engage with prospective members.

Other clubs seemed to have another strategy: entertain. The salsa club table was bumping loud Latin music, while dancing and handing out fliers with each spin.

“My favorite part is watching people watch my club members dance,” said Salsa Club President Micahla Le Dasma. “I see a sense of awe in their faces... they are the most open to taking a chance.”

With so many different clubs in the mix, the organizations ran the gamut, however they were all united by one thing: a unique passion for their cause and a desire to share that with their fellow students.




CSULB Foundation holds fundraiser to commemorate Nohemi Gonzales

Nohemi Gonzales was a victim of the shootings that took place Nov. 13, 2015 in Paris, where she had been studying abroad (Niran Jayasiri)

By Alex Ramos   Staff Writer

If you were at a California Pizza Kitchen last week, you probably saw a lot of CSULB students and professors. That’s because CPK and CSULB’s design department held a fundraiser to honor Nohemi Gonzalez.

The fundraiser took place on January 25-26 at close to 20 California Pizza Kitchen locations around Long Beach. Patrons could bring in a specially printed flyer that they could turn in to have the restaurant to donate 20% of their bill to the cause. The money raised will be used to rename one of the shops after Nohemi Gonzalez and refurbish or repair equipment.

Nohemi Gonzalez was killed in the Paris terror attacks that occurred in November. She was a senior and assistant in the design department and was spending the semester in Paris before her death. 

Martin Herman, the chair of the Design department, said the idea for the fundraiser came up after an alumnus that now works at California Pizza Kitchen approached him about it. He said she explained that the restaurant has a program for conducting fundraisers. Herman got in touch with the right people and set the fundraiser up. 

Herman said the fundraiser was discussed with the family to decide how the money should be used. It was decided to use the funds in the shops since she spent her time there helping her other design students.

“Nohemi was absolutely passionate,” said Herman. “She was in the shops all the time.”

Samantha Orihuela, a junior in design, took several classes where Nohemi was the assistant. She says Nohemi really cared about the students’ safety and attentive to their needs. She also says she felt really close to her due to the fact that they were both Mexican and in the design department. 

“It feels kind of weird that she’s not there,” Orihuela said.

Herman said he was at a CPK location for both days of the fundraiser and that it was full students. He doesn’t know how much money was raised but he should hear back from CPK by Monday.

“A lot of teachers and students have shown up from the Industrial Design department,” said Pat Frembling, general manager of California Pizza Kitchen in Long Beach. “It’s been a busy two days for the staff, as many people have brought in flyers in support of the memorial fund.”

The fundraiser and initiative to honor Nohemi has been met with a lot of support from students and teachers in the design department. Samantha Orihuela sounded happy that her classmates are coming together to honor a friend.

“It makes me feel like the department is really close,” Orihuela said. “It accentuates everything I’ve seen.”



By Emily Ayers Staff writer

KBeach Radio at California State Univeristy, Long Beach won a Golden Mike award from the Radio & Television News Association for excellence in broadcast journalism for the third consecutive year. 

The Best News Public Affairs Program in Southern California for 2015 was awarded to KBeach’s “MIZ Representin’” for the episode “Life behind the badge: what you don’t know about being a cop.” The series is hosted by MIZ the executive producer, and is produced by Christian Wiseman. 

Also up for a nomination is KBeach’s Jeff Kaufman and Hi-Definition News for the best news broadcast in Southern California under 15 minutes. The two are up against the Venture talk show KVTA AM 1520. 

Recognition for the KBeach team is nothing new. Last year Jeff Kaufman was awarded “Best Individual Writing” for Hi-Definition News, which only airs on KBeach. 

In 2013 KBeach’s Daily 49er Radio News was awarded the Golden Mike in the category of best news public affairs programs. 

The dinner for the 65th Golden Mike awards will take place on Saturday, July 23 at the Universal Hilton. 


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