Story by Rebecca Komathy Contributor

As I walk into the University Student Union on a Thursday, the smell of fast food reminds me of when I open the fridge after a big night of left overs. 

The big TV is playing Friends re-runs and ping pong balls hit the nets that barely cover the frame. But as I pass by the Lounge, I notice the usual pack of card players and studiers are no longer there. Instead there are lights, cameras, and people scurrying around in some sort of organized chaos. 

I peek my head in some more, and I am greeted by a super friendly Armando Rodriguez, a third year student studying film, who asks me if I like late night shows with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, or Stephen Colbert. When I say yes, Rodriguez tells me about College Beat Television’s own late night show, Late Night Long Beach.  

Apparently the whole experience and taping is live, and all I have to do is applaud and laugh, which I already do at my job in customer service anyway. What’s even cooler is that the show actually gets aired on cable networks Charter 32 and Verizon 41 the following Saturday at noon. 

I take a seat, and then the big surprise is revealed: There are prizes. Oh yes, exclusive audience prizes. Rodriguez hands me my little red raffle ticket, and I wait patiently as I keep an eye on the Crimson Peak poster in the corner by the Lounge concession stand. 

There are other students in here as well, all excited to be a part of a television show.  All of a sudden, the set gets quiet, and Rodriguez holds up an “applause” sign as the executive produce, Jason Lauckner, calls, “Action!” 

The host, Eric Glover, walks in with the happiest persona, and I swear his smile is brighter than all the lights in the room. He greets us along with the show’s hilarious announcer, Alexx Maurer. 

They banter jokes back and forth faster than a freshmen hitting the enroll button to get classes.  The whole setup is pretty seamless and—even for it all being run by students—I’m sure Jimmy Fallon would not be saying “Ew” at all. 

In the end, I laughed at their jokes. I was intrigued by an interview of special guest CSULB Martial Arts Tricking Club president Eurico Senna, and I fell in love with the musical guest Bootleg Orchestra’s new song “Feels Like Whoa.” I also got my Crimson Peak poster. 

California State University, Long Beach is so big that we miss out on things like this that make the whole college experience special. I can’t wait to see what Late Night Long Beach comes up with next. 

Be sure to check the next TV taping out on Oct. 29 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in Lounge 103—you won’t want to miss it!


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