An odd drug-induced excursion

By Steve Lime Contributor, Illustration by John Mueller Graphics Illustrator

I’m willing to risk saying that most college students don’t have enough extra money to take a vacation. But everyone around the world right now can take a very special trip. A trip that takes you where only you can go, and even will reveal new aspects of your personality and help you understand your life. Anyone can take a mind trip.

Now, I know what you’re thinking (okay, I don’t, I’m not a mind reader), “I don’t need any of this hippie shit.” But it’s not. You can accomplish this with simple sleeping pills. You don’t even need Ambien, just get the generic stuff at Walgreens.

I dream infrequently, but enough to remember them and think about their meaning. When I took sleeping pills, my dreams became more vivid and longer. I had always wanted to have a lucid dream, and I thought this was my chance. I still haven’t quite accomplished that, but I do remember my dreams better and understand their meaning.

I like to think of dreams as your mind’s way of processing new information and sorting it with old information. How else would you explain my old high school girlfriend popping up in a dream where I’m watching a movie starring John Stewart and Seth Rogen?

I wanted to give you a look into how wild and vivid my dreams can become, so what follows is a dream I had after taking a sleeping pill.

I pushed open the double doors of a large room. I was outside in some sort of zoo or amusement park. It was very bright. I had to jump over a wooden barrier to get to where I was going. The barrier was about waist high and the top was a small log.

Once I got over the fence, I saw several animals around me. But they were unlike any animal I’d seen before. They were about the size of sheep, but they had horns like a yak. Really long, and only on the right side of their head. These animals kind of chased me, but I was also in trouble for trespassing.

When I finally got to the exit, someone else was with me. We were almost out, but someone on the outside started throwing glowing rocks at us. They were hot and literally glowing, like they were radioactive.

That was my dream. What does it mean? Well, I definitely have a memory of hopping a wooden fence at an amusement park. The animals make no sense, but are really cool to think about. The glowing rocks were probably there because I’d seen “Batman v. Superman” recently.

Overall, dreams can be fun and a nice way to escape the drudgery of real life without spending a ton of cash.

*Union Weekly does not condone abusing sleeping pills -Ed.


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