By Karrie Comfort   Contributor

The ASI student government here at California State University, Long Beach is made up of students to serve student needs and interests. 

But these students also seek to bring the best and brightest of the leaders in the student body to the forefront of our university community.

There is no question that this potential can be seen in the current secretary for LGBQTIA+ Affairs, ASI Cabinet secretary, and sophomore English education major Amy Xiaoshi DePaola. 

DePaola began at her position working under the previous secretary. 

“Hopefully I can be half as awesome as she was,” she said.

The experience left an impact on DePaola that proved to be instrumental in her decision to continue working  after her predecessor’s departure. 

“I got on board and really enjoyed working and getting to be a part of making things happen on campus, so I applied again,” DePaola said. 

DePaola is dedicated to promoting change and increasing awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues on campus and uses her position to do this as well as help students feel more confident about their identities. 

She believes that this is also what ASI strives to do: make sure that students are represented on campus, regardless of their race, sex, gender identity, religion, class or other identifier.

More than anything else, DePaola wants everyone to feel comfortable going to their student leaders with any questions and/or suggestions they might have.

“I’m at your service and want to be there for you,” she said.

DePaola draws this dedication from her mother, describing her both as a mentor and as someone “never afraid to take charge and speak her mind, but compassionate and willing to listen to different points of view.”

And truly, DePaola is capable of being all of these things. 

Her dedication to her job makes her a leader at the university and her ability to connect with  other students makes her a friend.  


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