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The Reflection Room offers a tranquil escape from the outside world. It also accomodates people of religious backgrounds seeking a calm environment to pray.

Finding a moment of peace on campus

Words and Photos by Jordan Daniels Opinions Editor

On a campus of more than 30,000 students, it’s easy to feel crowded and claustrophobic. Stress affects us immensely and we get overwhelmed the second we enter the parking structures.

Hardly do we have the time or space to sit with ourselves and breathe.

Then you happen to stumble upon the USU Reflection Room and you finally have a moment of peace.

Located on the third floor of the University Student Union in room 308, the Reflection Room is a place of tranquility and quiet. 

I found it one day with a friend in an attempt to escape the craziness of campus for a moment. Its mirrored windows gave me the impression that I shouldn’t look inside, that it looked private and intimate. 

It was a setting not very common on campus and a space that I soon found that I direly needed.

As we entered the room, we were greeted by the cool air and numerous pillows lain across the floor. 

Immediately, a wave of relief washed over us and I was filled with feelings of comfort and safety. 

I sat there that day for an hour in peace and was able to center myself and erase the erraticism running rampant in my head.

Soon, I began to make weekly trips there, favoring going on a Thursday or Friday to help destress myself and unwind from the shenanigans of the past week. 

My friend and I would even make little dates there. It was a space where we could sit with each other, sometimes hold hushed conversations as talking is not encouraged in the room. This is completely understandable considering the room’s purpose.

As we continued to go, I felt an attachment to this room. It represented more than a place to relax to me; it represented a safe space where I could think, decompress, cry and sometimes all of the above. I also realized that this wasn’t its only purpose.

I’ve seen many students from different religious backgrounds also come to the room to pray. 

It’s a sacred moment that you feel like you’re imposing on, but it’s equally beautiful to see people, who may not feel safe enough to do this anywhere else on campus, feel enough comfort to be with themselves and their god.

As for you, let the Reflection Room be the space where you can engage in self-reflection, relaxation and maybe even actualization. 

I know I have.


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