Behind This Mask, There is An Idea


A collection of Do-It-Yourself Halloween costumes

By Andrew Linde Multimedia Manager

This Halloween I made a simple captain’s costume out of stuff I mostly already owned. I bought the captain’s hat at an army surplus store and completed the look with khakis, a blue sweater, boots, a peacoat, and a pipe. The blue sweater I bought just for the costume. The boots and peacoat I already owned for extreme winters. The pipe I borrowed from a friend. 


By Mitchell Edwards   Contributor

What inspired my costume was my obsession with Poe Dameron’s jacket from Star Wars episode 7. I didn’t want a boring resistance fighter costume because I like to go all out. Over the past years, I have wanted to wear a steampunk costume over the years but never got a chance. Thus my costume this year is a combination: Steampunk Jedi!


By Martha Giron Quijano  Staff Writer

My inspiration was from Game of Thrones’  Daenerys Targaryen’s dress. It was fairly easy  considering that I just learned how to use a sewing machine. I chose a lightweight baby blue fabric. The most difficult part was making the belt and shoulder pieces.

While it didn’t end up looking exactly like it did on TV, I was still happy getting through it and having something to wear for the spooky season. 


By Bailey Mount   Managing Editor

Going as Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo required a lot of stuff I just couldn’t make. I had to be thrifty in a different way. 

In the end, the turtleneck and skirt came from Amazon, the shoes from Goodwill, and the socks from a sporting goods store. Lastly, my brother borrowed a pair of 3–__D glasses from a theater and punched the lenses out. 


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