One vs. Two

battlefield vs titanfall

A Battle of EA Titans

By Elliott Gatica Music Editor

Gaming releases in the fall are always quite expensive, given that many AAA titles showcased during E3 are released during the time. Right now, however, I faced a dilemma about the behemoths of first-person shooters that have been and are going to be released. With Watch Dogs 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Modern Warfare Remastered coming into the mix, this dilutes the online player base for games already out now, like Overwatch, Doom, and other huge titles. 

EA Games just released two major titles just a week apart from each other. Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 basically dominated the games market in late October, which is good for the company, but a bit detrimental to the player bases. Both titles are must-buys, however, in my opinion, it all comes down to personal preferences.

Both games are first-person shooters and have amazing, fluid gunplay. I get a good fix of fast-paced, futuristic moving, mech-to-infantry, infantry-to-infantry, and mech-to-mech combat from Titanfall 2.

Most of the time, I gravitate towards Titanfall 2 because the matches are shorter and the progression is faster. It feels like I’m being rewarded more even if I have some terribly off games.

I don’t have enough time to sit through a game of Battlefield 1 throughout the week because those games are not short. There’s a new mode in the game called “Operations” which are essentially point capture matches with attackers and defenders. They’re epic. They have cutscenes. They’re fun. They’re ridiculously long. But it’s a good thing, unless you have a poor internet connection. 

These operations are full on, large-scale wars that either have 40 or 64 players. You are literally thrown into no man’s land out on the field with nothing but your historically accurate squad with you-- and maybe some horses, tanks, planes, and other armored vehicles at your team’s disposal. If I want to feel more tactical, cooperative with my team, and getting a feel of history in World War 1, I’ll hop onto Battlefield 1.

Both games also have decent campaigns. Yes, I’m aware that Titanfall had a very weak and almost nonexistent campaign mode in its first installation, but the second game redeemed itself in every possible way. It’s fleshed out, has a memorable story, and utilizes all of the game’s mechanics into it. I can actually remember the name of the main character and the enemies I faced, even if everything seemed to happen at a very fast pace.

Battlefield 1 has a six-episode campaign that is unfolded in the perspectives of different characters. It doesn’t feel as memorable and it doesn’t give enough time for each character to become memorable enough. However, it does simulate the horrors and harsh realities that people faced in the lines of war.

Both games are memorable in their own epic ways.

When I play Titanfall 2, it’s such a satisfying experience when I’m on the brink of death and I escape it with a swift slide, a kick to an enemy pilot’s face, and entering my titan to unleash hell to all opposition. I cannot recall all of the close calls I’ve experienced and all the times I screamed at sudden times because I took one step, jump, boost, or shot too far. It’s always keeping me at the edge of my seat and always alert of every direction my character isn’t looking in, because mistakes are not easily corrected. 

With Battlefield 1, it’s such a great feeling turning the tide of battle in a behemoth of a battleship against the Ottoman Empire while I’m fighting for the British Empire. Or when I board a five-man armored vehicle and charge into enemy lines alongside my squadmates, yelling and chanting “CHARGE” over the microphone. Don’t even get me started with levolution (or the ability to destroy the environment in some specific area of some maps). It’s satisfying to see buildings crashing down and becoming debris, taking those damn campers down with them. 

Overall the two are nearly neck and neck with me. Each game has their own strengths and uniqueness to them. However, I will have to side with Titanfall just because I have a little less patience when it comes to finding games and progressing in the ranks. Plus, I like customization when it comes to online play. It occupies me in the downtime between games. 


Battlefield 1

Out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Price: Standard $59.99 Deluxe $79.99 and Ultimate $129.98

Titanfall 2

Out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Price: Standard $59.99, Deluxe $79.99 and Collector’s Edition $249.99 through Amazon.


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