The Hestitant Nun

Temptation takes its course in "Little Sister"


By Peter R. Clark  Entertainment Editor

A random string of events lead me to “Little Sister,” a film that I initially thought was going to be alright, but proved to be better than that.

When I read the film’s synopsis on IMDb, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It seemed very basic and not very interesting, but it was the poster that drew me in.

The movie takes place around the 2008 election. It centers around Colleen Lunsford (Addison Timlin) who is training to become a nun. When she receives an email from her mother, Joani (Ally Sheedy),  explaining that her brother, Jacob (Keith Poulson), has returned from the Iraq war, she decides to return home after being away for some time. Upon returning, we discover that her brother returned from war disfigured, and that Colleen also used to be a goth who harbored a lot of religious hatred. Colleen’s return brings about a sense of enticement to return to her old ways.

From the start, the cinematography is on point. The shots in numerous scenes are excellent and worthy of recognition. This is especially apparent when Colleen first returns home. The long shot that begins when she arrives to her house and ends when she enters is great.

Where the film shines is in its acting and characters. The two best characters in this film are Colleen and her brother Jacob. A close third is the Joani who falls into the role of a “failed mother.” If it were up to me, the entire film would be about Jacob and Colleen. Their interactions are what make this film great. The perfect version of this film would include scenes with just them for an hour and 30 mins.

The unfortunate thing about this movie is that it tries to do too much. The interactions, outside of the ones between Colleen and Jacob, are uninteresting. Their only purpose is to drive the subplots outside of Colleen, but these subplots are bland in comparison.

That being said, this movie is really good. While the interactions are bland, they make you yearn more for the scenes between Colleen and Jacob and that makes those scenes so much better.

Overall, “Little Sister” is an excellent film that got swept under the rug. It is truly a wonderful film for anyone who enjoys stories of temptation.

“Little Sister”

Length: 1 hr 31min

Directed By: Zach Clark

Written By: Zach Clark and Melodie Sisk

Starring: Addison Timlin, Ally Sheedy, Keith Poulson, Peter Hedges, Barbara Crampton, Kristin Slaysman, Molly Plunk


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