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By Christopher Orozco Advertising and Distribution

First off, why are you listening to others. You are old enough to make decisions on your own. Everybody’s tips and warnings are based on their subjective experiences. Just make a decision, do not think about the future, and observe the consequences. If the consequences are bad, hold your judgement and try again at a different time. If the consequences are good, enjoy the moment. Also, why would you let a one time experience drastically predict future results? 

Most of the Yelp reviews seem to follow the cliche of a crappy server ruining the experience or long-worded complaints where the Yelper places themselves as the victim. A crappy server does not represent a crappy restaurant, that is a fallacy of division. Stop writing long-worded complaints, get to the point and present your argument with facts, no one likes anecdotals.  Also,I did not remember most of us graduating with a high school diploma and a certification in culinary school.

Ecco’s Pizza environment strucks the Little Italy vibe. You got red and white checkers table tops, dim lights, and a colorful wine selection accompanied by dark and light beers. This Italian restaurant welcomes you with respect. Their food is served to match your hunger. Their prices matches their quality. If you are in a hurry, starving to the brinks of death, I recommend a fast-food joint. This restaurant takes their time to create beautiful bountiful dishes which is well worth the wait. 

Amongst Ecco’s large variety of Italian food, Mario and I ordered the Italian Nacho and their Garlic Cheese Bread. The Italian Nacho was composed of pasta chips that looked like pita chips. Like nachos, the pasta chips are covered in asiago creamy sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. On top of that, one can see the  bits of  grilled Italian sausage, cooked dices of fresh tomatoes, onions, and yellow peppers including small quantities of olives. I recommend to ask for their juicy and sweet marinara sauce to drizzle over the Italian Nacho. As for the crunchy Garlic Cheese Bread, it comes with their marinara sauce. In total, it hits under the twenty dollar budget.  Overall, I enjoyed the 3-Starred Ecco’s Pizza, but in the wise words of LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow’s host,”But you don’t have to take my word for it,”.

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By Jordan Daniels   Opinions Editor

At the pitch of the Yelp feature idea, I immediately knew I wanted to hop on board. As a foodie, I always use Yelp to filter through my cravings and discover my newest obsessions. I make it a point to only eat places that have at least 4 stars as the highest standards in my life are set for men and food.

The 4262, named for the address itself, has been open for a few weeks and has already achieved a 4-star rating on Yelp from 45 reviews (46 after I’m done with this). 

It’s evident that the restaurant brands itself as a Gastropub -- a bar/restaurant that serves high end craft beer and gourmet burgers. The interior is a beautiful mix of modern and industrial with low-hanging light bulbs that illuminate the dark-wood tables. The walls are lined with chalkboards with gorgeous calligraphy outlining happy hour deals, specials and craft beers on tap. 

The food, however, was the experience. Have you ever teared up while eating a sandwich? It sounds incredulous, but just know that it’s possible.

Although an American staple, you would think the grilled cheese as a plain sandwich. Paired with tomato soup, it’s comforting but it’s basic. This is where The 4262 revolutionizes these staples.

The grilled cheese is made as a panini that’s literally oozing cheeses like brie, gruyere and jack. It’s grilled to actual perfection with aleppo butter that makes every bite silky-smooth. It’s served with a small-side of tomato basil soup which drops of cream in there. 

Not realizing that it was served with that, I ordered a bowl of heaven beforehand. I was a bit peeved that nobody didn’t warn me about this, but the rich taste thinned my irritation. Served with Texas toast-like crostinis, it was the truly the most beautiful complement to the grilled cheese. 

Note that you can save yourself the extra $7 and feel satisfied with just the sandwich and small side of soup. 

Including tip, I paid $24, which was double my budget, but I made my bed with the soup and I’ll happily lie in it again. 

The service was still great. My server, Rene, was kind and kept me hydrated with water. The food came out fast and the chef even came to check on me. Granted I came right when they opened at 11:30 a.m., it was still better service that I expected. The owner, Scott, also spoke with me as I was heading out.

The 4262 lived up to its current reputation and earned all 4 of its stars on Yelp. I’ll be back when my wallet recovers because my body will always be ready.

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By Mario Lopez   Travel Editor

With a three-star rating on Yelp, I did not expect much from Avenue 3 Pizza. I fell in love as soon as I stepped in. It’s set up like some German pubs that have rows of wooden tables, which gives it a sense of community. There have a few arcade games, a pool table, a television for sports and ample room to sit in. 

As my company, Christopher and John, and I took our time to order our food the lovely lady at the register allowed me to have a big, gulp-sized taste of their beer. I decided to go for a stein of delicious Hawaiian beer. We ordered our 16” pizza with pepperoni and sausage, while I ordered their Italian Stallion 8” sub sandwich with a side of onion rings.

We sat down, and before we finished admiring the décor of baseball cards, sports jerseys, and banner, our order was hot and ready at our table. I hadn’t even taken more than five sips of my ice-cold beer. 

Let me tell you—their cheese is on point. It’s gooey, though not sloppy. The mozzarella cheese is probably the best part of their pizza. Not to take away from the sauce or toppings, but their cheese easily overshadowed them. You simply must try it for yourself. Pizza at its simplest is pizza at its finest.

As for the sub, the cheese was great, but it did not take away from the sausage or meatballs in the sub. There are a right number of ingredients to compliment the sub, so I got a taste of meat sauce, olives, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms without any one ingredient overpowering in flavor. The onion rings are crispy and well-seasoned, and I would recommend tossing them in your sub to amp up the flavor, if you are feeling a little wild. 

Avenue 3 Pizza deserves a one star bump to bring it up to a four. The place, as described by our graphics illustrator, John, is somewhere you come often to, and not a restaurant saved for a special occasion (not to mention the holes they drill in your pocket like most five-star rated restaurants). Most of the time you just need to tone it down and settle for a four-star.

Falling short of a five-star rating does not mean it isn’t a great place. The ambiance and food are exactly what you need after a long day at work. To watch some sports with the crew, or just chill and have a slice. The food is inexpensive and doesn’t chew out your pockets, which is especially decent for us college cohorts. Overall, I consider this three-star yelp rating: BUSTED.

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