A spotlight on an ‘80s inspired, Japanese synthwave duo

By Peter R. Clark   Travel Editor

Satellite Young is an ‘80s synthwave duo from Tokyo, Japan. They released their first single, “Jack Doushi / in November 2014. It is a unique blend of Jpop vocals with ‘80s goodness. Since then they have been releasing a number of singles including “Fake Memory /” and “Break! Break! Tic! Tac!” to name a few.

Satellite Young incorporates the ‘80s synthwave vibe from artists such as Le Matos, Dance With the Dead, and Protector 101 with vocals only sung in Japanese by Emi Kusano. Each single usually includes different mixes by Satellite Young, or remixes by other artists. The duo’s electronic genius, Bellemaison Seikine, crafts every song with a certain sound that is similarly reminiscent of the ‘80s.

Unlike other artists in the same genre, the vocals really shine through. Their songs are very catchy and memorable. They tend to follow the same trend of other Jpop or Kpop artists where most choruses include parts sung in very broken English. “Fake Memory /” really stands out in this regard. 

Most songs tend to include a solo of some sort. Whether it be a saxophone or a guitar, it sounds great and fits the aesthetic. For the most part, every song is enjoyable, and so far I have yet to run into a song that I personally do not like. Sometimes the remixes are better than original, and that is especially the case in regards to “Fake Memory /.” It has an “Outrun Electro” remix which is probably my favorite song out of their seven singles.

Their most recent song, “Sniper Rouge,” is a collaboration with Mitch Murder. It’s an interesting joint song, and it definitely has the Mitch Murder sound. Her vocals are very strong on this one and less joyful, which does not detract from their style, and it is a unique sound for them. 


To find out more about Satellite Young visit their official website 


You can purchase their music at http://satelliteyoung.bandcamp.com/.


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