A lucky concertgoer experiences The Killers for the second time in her life

By Amanda Dominguez-Chio Culture Editor

While many people traveled or slept through spring break, I saw The Killers in concert for the second time. A couple of months ago, my roommate told me the Killers were coming to San Diego on April 2. I remember the morning purchasing our tickets was exciting, yet tense because of the possibility that we may not attend the concert at all. 

Fortunately for us, we got tickets for general admission, where we stood about six feet away from the band.

I was in middle school when I first heard “Mr. Brightside.” I remember watching the video on VH1, mesmerized with the vibrant colors and eclectic costumes. It’s such a catchy song with an unforgettable riff. 

“Hot Fuss” is such a great album, filled with classics like “On Top,” “Somebody Told Me,” and my personal favorite, “Jenny was a Friend of Mine.” 

Although “Hot Fuss” was heavily inspired by New Wave bands, their second album, “Sam’s Town” created a different sound. 

Dave Keuning (left) and his frizzy hair heavily focused on guitar playing, while Brandon Flowers sings. (Amanda Dominguez-Chio/Union Weekly)

I feel that many people were taken aback by this, but I couldn’t help but love it. It uses less vocal effects, mostly because “When You Were Young” was heavily influenced by Bruce Springsteen. Hearing that song live is an amazing experience, creating this raw energy among the fans.

We could not be more thrilled to see The Killers. They are my favorite band and having the chance to see them again was worth it. New Regime was the opening band and the singer had a great voice and the band had a great sound, but it was difficult to pay attention knowing The Killers were getting ready to perform. 

New Regime only performed for 30 minutes, but we waited about 45 minutes for the real deal to arrive. Standing six feet away from the band, we jumped with joy as we watched Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Ronnie Vannucci Jr., and Mark Stoermer get into position and open with “Spaceman.”

One of the things I love about concerts is that when you’re seeing a great band perform live, the fans sing along. We may all sound off-key individually, but altogether, the sing-along created a community that shared something: a great love for the band. That feeling surfaced as we sung along to “Read My Mind.” 

Brandon Flowers sings and plays the piano (Amanda Dominguez-Chio/Union Weekly)

The only bad things that occurred during the concert was a couple in front of us kept swaying along to the music, with the girl’s head obstructing my view of Brandon Flowers’ beautiful face and at one point, I was standing next to this older guy and our arms kept brushing each other. His arm hairs, though. The horror.

The second time I saw The Killers in concert beats the first. My friend came up from San Diego to attend the concert with me. We had seats at the Los Angeles Sports Arena and watched the band perform from afar. 

They were touring for their fourth album, “Battle Born.” They played a couple of their old songs (including “Jenny was a Friend of Mine,” hallelujah!) and, if memory serves, opened with “When You Were Young,” a great way to kick-start the concert I had waited years to attend. 

Unfortunately, they played “From Here on Out,” which sounds a little country, a genre I cannot stand. So what was it like standing there with my friend and listening to my favorite band play a country song? Very displeasing to my ears. Aside from that, I fulfilled my dream of seeing The Killers. 

This time around, the band played their old stuff and ended the concert with a bang by playing “Mr. Brightside.” I just loved how guitarist Dave Keuning stepped forward with the lights shining on him and played that memorable riff. 

When the song ended and the band left, we were left with a feeling of euphoria. 

I’m not sure when The Killers will release new material, but until then I will continue listening to their beautiful music. 


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