Florida’s melodic hardcore band Secret Keeper releases yet another EP

By Peter R. Clark   Travel Editor

Florida-based melodic hardcore band Secret Keeper released their third EP “Ghost” last month. Since their first EP in 2013, they have proven to be a unique voice in the brooding melodic hardcore scene.

Secret Keeper incorporates clean vocals alongside the normal hardcore vocals,  characterizing them as a unique melodic hardcore band. In addition to clean vocals, Secret Keeper tries to include spoken word in each release. 

This album is no exception with four songs that, while similar for them, are uniquely different to standard fare melodic hardcore.

The common theme on this album is ghosts (as the EP title suggests) and water. Each song deals with loss and a resulting haunting due to that loss. Additionally, they also deal with a sense of drowning or an ocean. While all different, each of the songs seem to feed off one another.

“Dwell” is about as close to a melodic hardcore song as you can get on this EP. It begins hard hitting and fast. The fast song is broken up with sporadic clean vocals that serve as the song’s chorus. 

A great line in this song goes, “I know we all die alone/but I didn’t know that living would be this cold.”

The EP’s second song, “Haunt,” serves as this release’s single. It begins with clean vocals and remains constant throughout. This song’s theme is about not only being haunted by the ghost of a loved one, but also deals with the element of water. This incorporates a good usage of piano and a great melodic presence throughout. Also, this song is the highlight of the EP.

“Gravestones,” the EP’s third song, is mostly an acoustic song. With clean singing throughout, it tells an interesting story about loss. Other than the lyrics, this song is the weakest on the album. Towards the end it gets better; overall, this song is just ok.

The last song on the EP is “Ghost.” It starts out as a spoken word about being in rough waters at sea. This portion is both poetic and beautiful. Compared to Secret Keeper’s previous spoken words, this one is by far their best. After this section is over, the clean vocals come in and the song ends in an almost orchestral explosion. 

The guitars here are great, and the drums help build up to the unfortunate end. The only problem with this song is that it ends too quickly, leaving me wanting more.

Overall, this EP is a great addition to Secret Keeper’s discography, but what I really want most from them is to release an album. They keep teasing their fans with these four or five song long EPs, but we all really want a full-length. In any case, “Ghost” provides us with a new taste of Secret Keeper’s potential, and leaves me excited for things to come. 

In other news, Napoleon has announced a release date for their fucking album. It’s about damn time.


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