Death of an Emoji


Goodbye, halcyon days of my mischevious little grin

By Mario Lopez  Travel Editor

I know. 

Talking about the death of an emoji while the United States is having to choose between the lesser of two evils for a president, the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline and living in an age where women can’t get a free tampon while men bathe in condoms sounds dumb. So bear with me. 

The new Apple 10.0 iOS update ruined a way for me to communicate. With it came the change of several emojis, one of the most controversial being a water gun emoji replacing one of America’s greatest icons: the gun. 

But I’m not here to talk about that emoji. Americans love their guns and I don’t feel like rustling your jimmies too much.  

I’m here to talk about a particular change to my most used emoji.  My beloved toothy grin was replaced by a shit-eating grin. 

It looks like the smile someone gives you only to gain something from you and then lose all interest once they have exhausted your friendship-ly resources. 

My darling snicker-of-a-smile-emoji is an innocent, however mischievous, smile. 

It’s the smile a friend gives you when you ask for two ice cubes in your drink, and they only give you one.

Apple has been known to rehash the same phone over and over again. And yes, I am one of those mindless walkers who buys a new iPhone every year, albeit one that is usually a couple of years old they come free with a plan. 

What I find ridiculous is that Apple constantly finds things to change about their phone that I deem completely unnecessary rather than changing something that can be useful to consumers. I’m looking at you, cordless headphones.

A dear friend of mine from dear old Texas used that emoji during one of our first text conversations. 

I was enthralled by the charming smile and squinted eyes. I couldn’t get enough of the emoji. I would use it after a lame dad joke, to show gratitude, joy, or when I was being a bit cheeky. 

It was a versatile emoji that replaced any other emoji I felt I needed. I’d like to think it brought us closer together somehow. I hope it one day comes back, but I will most likely have to move on. 

The times, they are a changin’. 

Yes they are. 

It is silly to talk about this, but I strongly believe that if you don’t appreciate the little things in life, you can never be happy. 

It’s okay to be petty, as long as you are conscious of the bigger world around you excuse me for being mushyand are kind as heck. With so much hate in this world, there is much more love. Love every little bit you can, even if it is a silly little emoji.


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