Looking Toward the Elections in 2020


Who is the future of our parties?

By Isaac da Silva Contributor, Photos By DonkeyHotey of Flickr

If you’re anything like me, talking about this election makes you feel tired and a little bit nauseous. Campaigning began roughly around April of 2015 — that’s almost 19 months to the election date. It’s roughly equivalent to how long it takes to drive from the LBSU campus to LA. It’s obvious that the election is way too long but that’s an issue for a later date. 

Polls seem to have Hillary ahead and it’s most likely that she’ll  win 2016. If we presume that she wins the election, then she may very well do what incumbent presidents have historically done and run for re-election in 2020. 

The field in 2020 will most likely see many familiar faces. A great indicator as to whether someone may run for president is if they have ran before. This of course is speculation, as only a couple people in any party have declared their candidacy. 

Just so we can see what the Democratic field would look like, let’s pretend that Clinton doesn’t want to run or her party doesn’t support her in 2020. 

Some likely bets are her choice for Vice President Tim Kaine, former opponents Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley and her friend Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts. Other options would be presumptive candidates like Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey and Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. Of these, I think that Elizabeth Warren would have the greatest chance of securing the party’s nomination. 

Oh, I almost forgot, Kanye West might be running as a Democrat in 2020. I can only hope that we are so lucky to witness that.

On the Republican side, there is a much deeper bench and I predict they might win the next election if fortunate enough to be running against Clinton on the basis of her wildly low approval rating. Not much higher than Donald Trump mind you. 

Some likely names, much like the Democrats are returning candidates. There’s a list of people who are most likely running one more time and here they are: Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, Trumps running mate Mike Pence and Indiana Governor, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky, Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, and Governor of Chris Christie of New Jersey. There are some prospects who are likely to run for the first time as well Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. 

Perhaps the largest rumor however is the potential reunion of Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and current speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Several news sites have speculated that the two may make a run in 2020 just as they did in 2012. 

There are several lesser-known candidates on both sides of the political aisle as well. But to even include the smaller names on the list the trend is apparent that the Republicans seem to have a “YUGE” amount of people looking to run in the next election. 

Following with the current trends of elections starting earlier and earlier expect the 2020 election to start unfolding in about two years. I’m only half joking.


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