Love: Is it Alive or Dead?

Two student’s thoughts on V-Day

By Tara Thomas  Contributor

Remember Valentine’s Day back in elementary school? it meant store-bought cards adorned with corny puns and your favorite cartoon character. It meant giggles in the hall as your crush walked by. And of course it meant a vast array of heart shaped sweets for you to rot your teeth on. 

It was a simpler time. 

Now Valentine’s Day is a different game. One that involves expectations. If you’re in a relationship, one is expected to plan a romantic evening or invest in a meaningful gift of jewelry, chocolate, flowers etc. These purchases often adding up to a monetarily substantial display of commitment. Just like every other major holiday in American culture, Valentine’s day has been commercialized for all it’s worth.

Big name companies like Hallmark and See’s have ingrained into our minds the idea that gift-giving is an expression of love. This mentality can also been linked to other festive days, most notably Christmas, Easter and birthdays. But while these holidays concentrate on the relatively stable relationships between family and friends, Valentine’s Day is capitalizing on the insecurities that some couples may feel in their romantic relationship. It makes me sad that love has to be presented in a wrapped package in order for someone to feel special, because shouldn’t love just be a thing that we share all year long?

Still, you may have embrace the loneliness for a day if you happen to be single when the 14th rolls around, but at least you’d get to save a few bucks. 

By Alexis Cruz  Social Media Coordinator

Valentine’s Day is finally here and after learning about the history of the day, I’m all in support of it. According to, Valentine’s Day was named after a martyr named Valentine who fought against the Catholic church for banning marriages for young men and also sent the first “valentine” greeting to his jailer’s daughter.

However, there are still some arguments as to whether or not the holiday was named after this particular Valentine or another saint named Valentinus, nevertheless there is the reoccurring theme of romance —  usually in the form of marriage. Sounds cute right?

Either way, these arguments explain all the festivities surrounding the holiday today  though, from what I understand it doesn’t always end in marriage and that’s okay! Think of Valentine’s Day as a “lovey-dovey” type of Christmas. It might as well be with all the products on the market. After all,  it’s never a bad idea to appreciate your significant other or even a platonic friend on a special day.

Speaking of platonic friends, remember when you were a kid and gave Valentine’s cards to all your classmates? We got to bring that back for people of all ages, except the cards would go to people you actually care about and instead of giving candy you can go out for drinks.

So instead of wallowing in self-pity over how alone you might be on Valentine’s, find a friend or two and do something! Take advantage of those specials going around, be lame together, just have fun and love having fun with someone who makes you happy.


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